4 Day Football Training Guide - Day 3

September 9, 2016

Max McVay

Welcome to Day 3 of our 4 Day Football Training Guide. Designed to bring you maximum impact in the least time in the safest manner possible. If you missed them, catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 first.


Warming Up

  • Rope Circles

  • 2 Sets @ 30 Reps – Grab a heavy rope at both ends and make aerial circles. One hand rotates clockwise and the other hand rotates counter clockwise. 1 rotation of each hand equals 1 full rep.
  • High Knee Skips

  • 2 Sets @ 15 Yard Reps – Stand in place then run 15 yards making sure each step brings a knee up to your chest. Each 15 yard distance is 1 rep.
  • Pike Push Ups

  • 2 Sets @ 8 Reps – With your feet standing on a bench, bend your body in half so that your hands are touching the floor. Lower yourself until your head touches, then push yourself back up for 1 rep.
  • Rest

  • 90 seconds after warming up.


  • Palof Press

  • 2 Sets @ 1 Minute Reps – Grab a “D” handle attached to a cable pulley at chest height. Stand sideways so that, at first, your left side is parallel to the machine. Pull the “D” handle out and hold it at your midsection for 1 minute. Do not swivel your body, keep it rigid. Hold  this position for 1 minute then switch sides.
  • Hyperextensions

  • 2 Sets @ 10 Reps – Lay stomach first on an incline bench with your waist situated at the top. Bend your waist over the top rest while keeping your hands on your chest. When fully bent over, come back up and repeat for 10 reps.
  • Bird Dog

  • 2 Sets @ 8 Reps – Get on your hands and knees. Extend the left arm out straight and at the same time, extend the right leg back out straight. Repeat with the right arm/left leg for 1 whole rep.
  • Rest

  • 90 Seconds after the core work out.


  • Agility Ladder Lateral Shuffles

  • 5 minute Session – Use an agility ladder or lay down strips of tape at 18 inches wide for 15 feet. Laterally shuffle through the spaces quickly, up and back. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • Rest



Use only the correct amount of weight determinate on your strength. Don't show off and overdo it or you can potentially strain or tear a muscle. As you get stronger you can add weight.

  • Hang Clean

  • 5 Sets @ 6 Reps –  This is essentially a clean and jerk without the jerk. Lift a weighted barbell up to your thighs. Pull the bar upwards and squat down to get the bar chest-high at shoulders height, then stand up quickly. Lower the bar to your thighs and then place it back onto the floor. Use your legs to lift and not your back. Each hang clean is 1 rep.
  • Push Press

  • 5 Sets @ 6 Reps – This is the “jerk” from the clean and jerk. Lift a barbell to chest high on your shoulders. Slightly squat and then burst upwards to propel the weight over your head. Bring the bar back down to chest height and repeat for 6 reps.
  • Renegade Rows

  • 5 Sets @ 6 Reps – Grab 2 dumbbells and get into a push up position balancing on the dumbbell handles. Alternate lifting each dumbbell up to your chest and no higher. Each right and left lift equate to 1 rep.
  • Rest

  • 90 seconds
  • Dumbbell Neutral Grip Bench Press

  • 4 Sets @ 8 Reps –  Lay with your back on a bench and begin with the dumbbells raised. Make sure your palms are facing each other. Breathe in and lower, exhale and raise for 1 complete rep.  
  • Tricep Kickbacks

  • 4 Sets @ 12 Reps –  Kneel with one leg on a weight bench, the other with foot flat on the floor. Bend over with your back straight and grasp a dumbbell. Keep your upper arm straight against your torso with elbow bent at 90 degrees. Straighten your arm out towards the rear, lifting the dumbbell with your triceps. Lower and repeat 12 times for 1 set. Switch legs on the bench, switch arms and do 12 reps for another set.
  • Hanging Knee Ups

  • 4 Sets @ 12 Reps –  Hang on a bar and raise your legs into a sitting position, then slowly lower your legs for 1 rep. 
  • Rest 90 seconds
  • Kettlebell Bulgarian Split Squat

  • 4 Sets @ 8 Reps –  While standing, bend your knee backwards and place your toes on a bench. Grasp a kettlebell in each hand and lower your bent knee to the floor. Resume a standing position on one leg for 1 rep. After 1 set is complete, change legs and repeat for 8 reps.  
  • Cable Face Pulls

  • 4 Sets @ 8 Reps –  Using either a lat machine or two bands, set them so they are face high. Stand approximately 3 feet away and with arms extended, pull the cable/bands towards your face. Relax the tension and repeat for 8 reps.
  • Stability Hip Ups

  • 4 Sets @ 10 Reps –  While laying down, place your heels on a bench or a ball with your back flat on the floor. Raise your hips so that your thighs are straight and level with your torso. Relax and lay back on the floor for 1 complete rep.

Day 3 of your 4 Day Football Training regimen is complete!

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