SquadLocker Announces 2019 Fall Sports Survey Results

April 24, 2019

Peter Dodd

Thanks to all our Fall Sports store admins who participated in our recent end-of-season survey. Customer input is invaluable to letting us know how we're doing, and what we can do to improve in the coming year!


And congratulations to our two $100 free gear raffle winners, JD from Florida Conquer Volleyball, and Josef from CSC Soccer. Enjoy your new swag!


SURVEY QUESTION RESULTS:fall sports survey bar chart

Which feature is most important you?

  • 26%: No Minimum Orders
  • 17%: Stores That Never close
  • 13%: Gear Shipping Speed
  • 10%: Other/Mix

Rate our apparel selection:

  • 94% Rated Us Above Average Or Excellent

Rate Our 2-Week Shipping Speed:

  • 15%: Excellent
  • 43%: Above Average
  • 34%: Average
  • 7.5%: Below Average
  • 0%: Poor
fall sports results circles

Rate Our Store Dashboard Functionality

  • 43% Rated Us Excellent
  • 40% Rated Us Above Average
  • 15% Rated Us Average
  • 2%: Below Average

Rate Our Customer Service:

  • 57% Rated Us Excellent
  • 36% Rated Us Above Average
  • 7.5% Rated Us Average
fall sports survey retention stat


Below Are a Few of the Improvement Suggestions from Our Participants, with Responses from the SquadLocker Team:

Because you mentioned: Faster shipping...

In the course of a year, SquadLocker has cut our shipping time in half, shipping over 96% of all orders in 2 weeks or less, and we're actively working on getting even faster! We've also recently added EXPRESS PRODUCTION & SHIPPING options!


Because you mentioned: Lower priced apparel options...

SquadLocker currently offers over 60,000 items from the world's best known brands. We do our best offer a wide range from affordable-to-premium brand options, with the budgets of every parent and player in mind. This allows our store administrators more choices to meet the affordability range of their community.


Because you mentioned: In-store uniform purchasing...

Excellent idea! This is something we've been working hard on here at SquadLocker, and are currently running pilot tests before making it available to all teams nationwide. Soon your stores will be the true one-stop-shop every player needs to get custom team gear, spirit wear, and uniforms!


"No suggestions at this time. Kids and parents seem to love it..."
Thank you, that's why we do what we do!


Because you mentioned: Out of stock supplies...

We know there's nothing worse than our vendor stock running out when only half your team has the required gear. That's why SquadLocker is currently working with our vendors on an initiative that will help us and our customers identify "Always In Stock" product options, virtually eliminating the chance of your required gear running out. We plan to introduce our first version this summer!


Because you mentioned: Allowing for more than one logo in my store...

SquadLocker is happy to announce that your store can now carry multiple logos. So whether you have different logos for home and away, players and parents, regular season and playoffs, we've got you covered with the logo options you want.


Because you mentioned: Wrinkled screen prints...

SquadLocker is quite proud of our cutting edge decoration technology. With over 60,000 items to choose from and new fiber blends constantly being introduced by our vendors, however, sometimes we learn of unexpected problems from you, our customers. When we do, we act as quickly as possible, alerting our store administrators, removing these products from our Store Builder, and suggesting comparable replacement gear.


"No complaints here! You guys are spot on 👍 "Fantastic, and a big thumbs up right back at you!


Because you mentioned: More time for parents to buy gear...

SquadLocker stores are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. While we can't control when a coach opens his or her store, we do provide tools for easy sharing with parents and players. We also offer roster upload options so we can do the sharing for you. For instances when turnaround is tight, SquadLocker now offers EXPRESS PRODUCTION & SHIPPING options, giving our customers the chance to upgrade their shipping to make sure they're geared up when they need to be.


Because you mentioned: More Nike gear...

In order to ensure your athletes have consistent access to products in your store, SquadLocker has agreements with our vendors to help make sure that what's being ordered is readily available. While SquadLocker and Nike do have an apparel agreement, it does not currently guarantee availability of many Nike products. SquadLocker will continue to pursue deeper agreements with our vendors in order to expand these popular apparel options.


"I love your services - no suggestions at this time"
Why thank you. We love what we do.

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