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Two Major Volleyball Organizations Join SquadClub - SquadLocker's New Youth Sports Membership Program

sm_06_2024_575_Hero_Graphic575 Volleyball and  North Georgia Volleyball clubs have made some big plays this week. While junior volleyball athletes are participating at AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL, and USAV Nationals in Dallas, TX, these organizations have entered into multi-year uniform and team gear partnerships with SquadLocker that will ensure they’re always outfitted with top-quality apparel to enhance their performance and look their best.

Jeff Black,  CEO of both 575 Volleyball and North Georgia Volleyball detailed the journey to this collaboration. “Every day someone is in my inbox or calling about their uniform company and wanting to send samples,” he said. “SquadLocker President and Founder Gary Goldberg personally connected with me on LinkedIn. After that, I hammered their company by testing their ability to produce jerseys at the speed they claimed.” Black’s rigorous testing yielded impressive results, with SquadLocker delivering ahead of schedule. A visit to SquadLocker’s sublimation facility with Goldberg further solidified his confidence in the company. 

In the past, working with major brands required clubs to make significant inventory commitments way ahead of time, a challenging task for growing organizations. “Big brands require you to forecast 6-8 months in advance, which is a nightmare for growing clubs,” Black explained. However, SquadLocker’s SquadGEAR offers a different approach with fully custom garments produced onsite on a single-unit basis ensuring rapid turnarounds and outstanding customer service. “SquadLocker can guarantee fast turnarounds on SquadGEAR and the best customer service in the business!”

The newly introduced SquadClub program offers organizations exclusive benefits, including enhanced products and services for uniforms and team gear. This program provides rebates on uniforms and team gear and utilizes the fastest single-unit uniform fulfillment solution, eliminating the need for batch orders. 

Players and parents can place individual orders and items are shipped directly to their homes, alleviating the burden on club organization administrators.“Anytime during the season players can order uniforms and team gear, covering for lost items and ensuring timely outfitting, even for late registrants,” said Fletcher Jones, CPO of SquadLocker. “Our hassle-free replacement policy means SquadLocker will replace any item for free with no questions asked.”

Jones emphasized the program’s advantages, such as delivering uniform packages within a week or two after ordering.  “Imagine ordering uniforms for your whole club at the end of July, and a week or two later all your players already receive their uniform packages…this is the power of SquadClub and why clubs like 575 Volleyball and North Georgia Volleyball are choosing SquadLocker and this program over other team dealers.” 

The SquadClub program also consolidates league-wide stores into a single online destination, providing a seamless shopping experience with one shopping cart. Rewards from SquadClub can be applied to both top brands and SquadGEAR uniforms, accompanied by hassle-free returns. “SquadLocker also partners with the big brands, so for spirit wear stores or select items, SquadClub members have the ability to do big brand deals if they want to,“ continued Black.

Denise Corrigan, Head Administrator of 575 Volleyball and North Georgia Volleyball, praised the advanced and user-friendly software platform provided by SquadLocker which benefits both families and club administrators. "Uniforms are one of the biggest challenges for any youth sports organization. SquadLocker’s software platform is super advanced and user-friendly for both families and for club administrators!" she said. The program’s exceptional customer service and speedy production were highlighted as key values for the clubs. "Customer service and the speed of production are the two things that we value the most," Black continued. "SquadLocker’s hassle-free return policy means that clubs do not have to budget and spend additional money to purchase extra uniforms just in case there is a problem."

Gary Goldberg, President and Founder of SquadLocker, noted that the SquadClub program allows the company to better serve Image: 575 Volleyball SquadGear custom uniforms in production with new lighter-weight volleyball fabric clients and continuously improve their products based on feedback.“The SquadClub program allows us to provide great service to our clients and learn more about what they need,” Goldberg said. “In turn, we’re able to improve and develop our products like the new lighter-weight fabric we recently added for SquadGEAR custom volleyball jerseys, which came as a result of player feedback.”

Jones concluded by stating that SquadLocker aims to modernize the process of acquiring custom apparel and uniforms for organizations, making it easier with tech-enabled team apparel stores. “Custom apparel and uniforms shouldn’t take so much time and effort. SquadLocker makes it easy to earn free gear from tech-enabled team apparel stores that are always open. Players and parents order on their own and receive their orders directly to their homes, relieving the admin burden. Plus, organizations never have to ‘go it alone’. Our real, live team of experts are on hand to help 7 days a week.”

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About 575 Volleyball Club

575 Volleyball Club serves 2000 junior volleyball athletes and over 150 coaches in Georgia with gyms and facilities in Carrollton, Lakepoint, Peachtree City, Powder Springs, and Woodstock. Check out the 575 Volleyball Club Store

About North Georgia Volleyball Club

North Georgia Volleyball Club serves more than 500 junior volleyball athletes in Georgia with programs in Commerce, Gainesville, Hartwell, and the surrounding areas. Check out the North Georgia Volleyball Club Store