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At SquadLocker we provide time saving solutions to fit our customers needs. Time is short and apparel shouldn’t slow you down.

To make apparel orders as easy as possible we offer “Direct-to-Home” shipping. Shoppers order items in an online store and each item is shipped individually to their home or desired address. You (the Store Manager) don’t have to lift a finger. 

Shoppers select the size, pay online, and you don’t have to manage the inventory. You (the Store Manager) see and track these orders in an online dashboard. If any items are part of a uniform/required gear we offer special support services and tools.

Alternatively, you can still choose to make a “Bulk Order”. This ordering method is when one order is placed for all items. You (the Store Manager) provide us sizing for items/applicable information, then pay for and submit the order. The order is then shipped to you (the Store Manager) at your desired address and items can be distributed.

Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to Direct-to-Home shipping versus the Bulk Order method: 

1. Can I set my store to ship to only one location?

Unfortunately we don’t allow for all orders at the store level to ship to one location. Bulk Order must be done with the help of SquadLocker Team member.

2. What shipping methods do you offer?

Our shipping methods are listed here. These methods are subject to change at our discretion

3. What are the benefits of placing a Bulk Order?

√ Order everything at once 

√ Ensure no player forgets to order on time

SquadGEAR sublimated uniforms still ship in 3-5 days even with a bulk order

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4. What are the benefits of shipping Direct-to-Home?

√ Save time collecting orders 

√ Ordering the right size is not your responsibility

√ Save time handing out items

√ Save time and space storing items

5. Is it cost effective to ship in bulk?

Yes, Shipping in bulk allows for an order in most cases to be counted as a singular order. With Direct-to-Home each order will have its own shipping cost which will combine to be more than the cost of the bulk option. 

6. In what ways can you pay for each option?

    • Direct-to-Home:

      Credit or Debit Card

    • Bulk Orders:

      Credit/Debit Card, Check, ACH, and/or Purchase Order

7. What if a uniform gets damaged or lost?

Store Managers can order the item again and have it shipped to themselves to distribute.  Organization members with access to the store can also order Direct-to-Home so that they can replace their uniform quickly. A Bulk Order would not be a valid option in this case.

8. How can I  place a Bulk Order?

When you are ready to get started with uniforms, SquadLocker experts will help you design uniforms, set up an online store, and place a bulk order. When you place the order you’ll need to provide the amount of each uniform size. If uniforms are personalized you’ll need to provide player names and numbers. Once your transaction is complete uniforms are decorated and shipped to one address.

When managing uniforms/required items with personalization such as player name and number you can take advantage of many more SquadLocker tools such as:

  • - The Roster Tool: simplifies the uniform ordering process. We upload your Roster list in our database and store player names, numbers, and email addresses. This allows for easy personalization, accurate orders, and player communication. Learn More

  • - Pre-paid Vouchers:  When collecting the cost of a uniform in advance with your registration fee, vouchers are a good option to save time figuring out sizes and distributing items. SquadLocker uniforms ship direct to player. To get vouchers created for your team you will need to get in touch with a SquadLocker expert. They will walk you through the steps below so your team can redeem their pre-paid uniforms using a unique voucher code. Learn More