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SquadLocker® Partners with RYTE Sport™ to Expand Custom Apparel Solution with Sublimated Swimwear

SquadLocker Partners with RYTE Sport for Custom Sublimated Swimwear

SquadLocker®, a leading provider of custom team apparel solutions, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with RYTE Sport™, expanding their offerings to include RYTE Sport's high-quality sublimated swimwear for water polo, swimming, and diving. 

Organizations and teams using the online platform now have access to RYTE Sport sublimated swimwear in tandem with the comprehensive SquadLocker suite of products and services. This includes 24/7 digital stores, ordering items without minimums, and direct-to-athlete shipping. Fletcher Jones, SquadLocker CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with RYTE Sport to serve our many water sports customers better. Until recently, we could only offer spirit wear and gear, but not the actual swimsuits. Now, our customers can fully leverage our tech-enabled digital stores for all swimwear orders, plus access our roster tools, vouchers, and more.”

Alex Young, CEO of RYTE Sport remarked on the partnership, “We built RYTE Sport to provide a customer-centric swimwear solution for aquatics teams and clubs. Since inception, we’ve focused on delivering best-in-class competitive swimwear quickly and made locally. When we first discussed the opportunity with Gary (Gary Goldberg, SquadLocker Founder and President) and the SquadLocker team, it was evident we shared the same values. It is very hard to find companies that put the emphasis on customer experience first. Our partnership with SquadLocker provides the ultimate solution for aquatics athletes to continue to compete in RYTE swimwear and top-of-the-line custom apparel.”

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone as SquadLocker becomes the first complete custom apparel solution to offer a sublimated swimwear line with on-demand fulfillment. Swimwear is shipped directly to athletes, meeting the needs of organizations with time-sensitive requirements and accommodating late registrants or lost swimwear uniforms effortlessly. SquadLocker continues to lead the market with innovative and versatile options for athletes.

RYTE HERO (1)"Watersports represent a significant market, and we’re excited to expand our offerings beyond spirit wear to swimwear uniforms. This expansion will support watersports teams and athletes including SportsEngine® Motion members, through our relationship with SportsEngine," said Gary Goldberg, President and Founder of SquadLocker. "Our partnership with RYTE Sport allows us to provide high-performance, customized swimwear tailored to the specific needs of swimmers, divers, and water polo players."

Young finished, “I look forward to supporting the greater swimming and water polo market nationwide with a solution that cannot be matched by other platforms or aquatics brands.”

The watersports community is vibrant and growing. According to USA Swimming, there are over 400,000 registered swimming athletes. USA Water Polo boasts 50,000 water polo athletes, and USA Diving has more than 200 clubs nationwide. This partnership aims to support these athletes by offering high-performance swimwear that enhances their competitive edge.

RYTE Swimwear is Now Available in SquadLocker’s SquadStudio™02_2024_SquadStudio_Max_Ad_1200x1200_Standard

RYTE Swimwear is now available in SquadLocker's innovative SquadStudio™ design tool, developed to redefine the customization experience for sports teams with on-demand sublimated designs. SquadStudio is a fully digital platform and offers a seamless, low-friction experience for swimwear and uniform decision-makers everywhere.

Teams can effortlessly customize swimwear to create vibrant, eye-catching designs. Utilizing on-demand sublimation technology, SquadStudio connects high-quality, customized designs with single-unit production. 

As with all of SquadLocker's services, free art and design support is available to users in the SquadStudio application, and SquadLocker experts are standing by on chat. 

Goldberg continued, “The technical textile requirements for swimming are complex, between the pH of the pool, to the stretch and recovery needed for the performing athlete; RYTE has done an impressive job covering all the bases with both breadth of products and their durability and performance.  I am excited to also be able to offer these products through our distributors as well.“

For more information about SquadLocker's new RYTE Sport sublimated swimwear line and other offerings, please visit

About RYTE Sport

RYTE Sport's custom-designed swimwear is engineered for top athletic performance. Each product goes through rigorous testing to meet demands specific to each sport and use. With efficient state-of-the-art digital printing, each item is manufactured to meet the specific needs of every team and customer. There are no limitations to colors, names, numbers, and logos.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, teams trust our expertise to bring their design ideas to life and stand out from the competition. All RYTE Sport products are manufactured locally in the factory we own and operate, Merch Farm


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