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Inky's Story


Meet Inky the SquadLocker Mascot

Meet Inky


Inkerton (Inky) was born in the Apponaug Cove in Warwick, RI.

As a young squid, Inky would swim to the surface and people-watch. He would see schools (teams) of people playing games and gathering together. Inky would notice the happy faces they made, but most of all he would see what they wore. Hats, shirts, and pants too, Inky would dream of the many ways that people showed off their colorful spirit.

For Inky changing color was easy, all he had to do was think of the color and he would be it. But seeing people in colorful outfits he noticed something more. The more they matched the more often people were together and smiling. And while Inky dreamed of accessories, he knew one day he would have to leave the sea to ink his mark. 

One salty sea morning, with a glimmer of pride, Inky swam to the SquadLocker office while feeling bold inside. He left behind seaweed, seashells, and corals so pretty and made a splashy swim to the world above.

With a friendly smile, quick tentacles, and a dream of accessorizing, Inky endeared the SquadLocker team.

Hired on the spot, Inky began his career in the warehouse pressing shirts, sorting gear, and sending out packages. The time passed quickly sorting and decorating custom apparel with 8 tentacles and Inky wanted more. On his days off he’d been designing artwork for apparel. Finally, after months of pulling together a portfolio, he summoned enough courage to show off his ink work to the design team.

The SquadLocker design team loved it and he was hired as a custom logo maker. Inky would not stop there. The more he learned, the more he loved custom apparel. Curiosity had him dabbling in technology and the software that made SquadLocker so special. Inky was fascinated by the e-commerce business that brought thousands of brightly decorated gear from the warehouse to people around the country. 

You would often hear him casually spray comments like, “How can one company do all this? They make the logos, decorate all these items by hand, and ship so many orders to so many happy people?”


It didn’t take long for Inky to realize he had to dive in all the way. Inky sat in on every meeting, and he learned everything nook and cranny about SquadLocker products and custom apparel operations.


Today you will find Inky everywhere. He currently serves as the SquadLocker official mascot and Manager of Information Services. Inky's new mission is to ensure everyone who works with SquadLocker for custom apparel gets all the help they need. Inky’s job is to make sure every team, club, and activity gets the best and brightest shopping experience.

So, if you’re on the lookout for help with SquadLocker you don’t have to part the seas. Inky is ready to lend a tentacle anytime.


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