Performance and Safety

When you purchase team uniforms, apparel and equipment with your hard earned dollars or limited budget, VALUE is a key consideration.  But, isn’t part of that the Performance of the gear?

You want to know that the choices you have made will perform properly. 

Additionally, you also have to be sure that what you buy meets today’s complex and strict safety guidelines.   Between changing safety requirements published by the National Federation of State High School Associations’ and the constant barrage of new technologies hitting the shelves, keeping up with the pace of sporting goods can be a complex task. 

You need to rely on a team dealer that has the depth of staff and resources to protect you from purchasing the wrong item that won’t meet your team’s needs. 

The sales and merchandising team at SquadLocker is constantly immersed in learning about the changing requirements and new product innovations and can be your guide in navigating this complex decision process. 

Let your SquadLocker sales associate pull together a collection of products that will meet your performance needs while staying within your specific budget.