Complimentary Fan Shops

SquadLocker provides online FanShops for free (a $2500 value).

Give your team’s fans including parents, friends and boosters an easy resource to buy team gear.  They Want to Wear Your Colors too!!

Why do we do this?  Many of our school, league and association customers have told us that this was one of the most aggravating parts of their jobs.  The problems this solves:

•Ordering one-off “Spirit Wear” take a ton of time
•Collecting all of the checks is a big PAIN
•Receiving the order and distributing the goods is a hassle

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could eliminate this headache and earn cash money for your school while you sleep?   Well you can….

It’s not a joke.  We have had schools generate thousands of dollars in cash rebates from store sales.

[add several screen shots]

SquadLocker will set up a branded Online Fan Shop for your team or school for no charge.  It will contain hundreds of in-stock items to chose from and everyone is able to be decorated with your team’s logo or mascot.

Seriously, it’s the actual logo…..not just a word mark.  This is huge!  Your fans get the actual logos, the actual colors custom decorated on one piece if you want it.

Here’s the link to sign up for your FREE online Fan Store.