Working with Squad Locker

In the world of tightening budgets and ever increasing costs, saving money on your team’s purchases is more important than ever before. 

What Should you do?

Leverage your entire campus’ or league’s purchases into one cohesive buying group.

•If you’re a school, take account of team buying, bookstore buying and purchases by the alumni and development offices.  IT ALL ADDS UP!
•If you’re a league or association, account for uniforms, hard goods, equipment, coaches gear etc…   IT ALL ADDS UP!

SquadLocker has developed an ALL SCHOOL/ALL LEAGUE BUYING PROGRAM that provides rewards for volume commitments.  The rewards program includes the following:

–Free bonus merchandise from leading brands such as Adidas and Champion for hitting volume buying thresholds (i.e. Buying $20,000 in year one results in $5000 in product give-backs)
–5% of all SquadLocker purchases applied as merchandise credit to future purchasing of team gear
–10% cash rebate from all Online Fan Store sales (Great as a fundraising source!)

This Program Adds Up to BIG Savings Fast!!!


Consider this scenario, if your school purchased $30,000* in a combination of team gear and apparel, fan shop purchases and other items perhaps from the bookstore or alumni office, SquadLocker will provide “give-backs” equal to $7000.

–$5000 in Adidas promotional merchandise give-backs
–$1000 in merchandise credit for future purchases
–$1000 cash rebate  

The scenario above assumes a purchase of Adidas team gear equal to $20,000 and online fan Store purchasing of $10,000.


*The Small Print:

SquadLocker terms and conditions apply.  Actual give-back amounts relate to actual purchasing mix.  Contract commitment required.   

At SquadLocker, all school deals and league buying programs are what we love to work on.  Let us teach you how to organize your school or team’s varied needs and show you how to earn free merchandise by hitting reasonable purchasing levels.  You may also qualify for direct price discounts and a free online fan shop.  Connect with our sales team today to learn more about these exciting offers.