Buyer Workshops

If You’re a  Coach, Athletic Director, Equipment Manager, or Youth League Director a SquadLocker Gear Workshop is for you.

With dozens of brands, hundreds of SKUs and product quality, durability and performance that ranges the gambit from Good to Better to Best, how is one to decide what’s best for the team?  What’s the best value?

Well, you could go it along and hope for the best.  Or, you could rely on an Athletic Apparel Expert and request a Gear WorkShop to review all of the styles and options for on and off the field gear and uniforms.

Your team's image matters. So does their performance. You want to give your players and coaching staff the apparel and uniforms that will allow them to give their best on the field and look their best off it – without making too much of a dent in your annual spending budget.

In SquadLocker's Team Gear Workshops, one of our team gear experts will work with you on strategies to:


Reduce your apparel budget without sacrificing performance and aesthetics.
•Identify the best gear and brands for your performance needs.
•Choose cost-effective and durable options to add numbers, names, and logos.
•Discount volume discounting opportunities, rebate programs  and FREE merchandise offers

Ask us about SquadLocker Days!!  Every season we are pleased to coordinate a SquadLocker Day.  These are typically luncheons at your organization that we host.  We bring all of the new gear available for that season from the world’s leading providers of athletic apparel, uniforms and gear.  And, we’ll bring lunch too.

Or, if you already know what your team or teams need for branded gear and apparel, CLICK HERE to request a quote from the team at SquadLocker.