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League organizers, coaches and parent volunteers. These are your customers and we understand them. We’ve worked with thousands of youth leagues and teams and as a result we built the easiest to use online experience for managing youth athletic apparel. 

Managing leagues and coaching teams is hard work. For the same reason you’ve built your platform to automate processes and resolve headaches for these volunteers, we have too!

Provide more value to your customer community by helping them manage uniform and team gear organizing. Ordering team gear is always more work than expected. Suddenly, they’re a salesperson, a cashier, a customer service specialist, a tailor and a shipping & receiving manager. SquadLocker will help with all of this. We’ve spent a lot of time building TeamLocker™
to solve all these problems so your customers can spend more time mentoring and inspiring young athletes.


SquadLocker has contemplated three integration scenarios that will make the store builder instantly available to organizer at the league level or a team manager or coach at the team level.


SquadLocker’s uniform kit plug in allows a league organizer to identify the profile of the league and to receive immediate recommendations for uniform kits.

Good better best merchandising

Decoration options

Uniform designer functionality

Instant mock ups

Kit discounts and a la carte purchasing available

Team organizer tools for roster and sponsor management


SquadLocker’s Store Builder allows a league organizer to instantly launch a custom merchandise temporary micro-site for an entire league, or if each team has unique team branding a store could be create at the team level. Each team with their own custom online store. This solution provides instant relief for organizers and coaches. Forever say goodbye to order forms, sizing days, check collection and fielding parent complaints about apparel and player gear. Say hello to SquadLocker Team Store.

Authentic athletic apparel brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Russell and Champion

Proprietary GearMatching system. Every team based on sport, age level and gender received a custom selection of the very best apparel styles, gear and accessories for that program

Self-service gear selector. The coach chooses what items to offer for sale to parents
Custom logo uploading and editing


Instant store launching -- Stores are built dynamically in seconds

Orders processed in bulk when store closes


SquadLocker’s FanStore product allows anyone affiliated with a team, league or any community to instantly launch a 24x7x365 permanent spirit wear store for fans and community members.

Authentic athletic apparel brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Russell and Champion

Merchandised with 80+ styles of product...all the spirit wear that fans want

Personalization available -- get your grandson’s name and # on your hoodie. That’s cool!

Orders processed immediately upon order receipt

The Supply Chain and Decorating Muscle behind the scenes

SquadLocker has built the easiest to use online workflow for managing team gear, but that’s not all that we have. Nestled away in Warwick, RI we have built a 40,000sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility for managing all of the logistics and decoration for team uniforms and player gear. Our systems are the best in the industry:

Processes in place for managing mass customization at scale

Digital printing capabilities and direct to garment printing

Streamlined workflows for processing online orders directly into our decorating lines

Quality control guidelines resulting in 99.4% accuracy

Daily product scheduling processes and regimen to manage rush orders

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