On demand, direct-to-player uniforming allows your athletes to order uniforms directly from free online SquadLocker stores, relieving leagues, teams and coaches of outdated bulk-order hassles like sizing players, chasing checks, handing out gear, re-orders and more.

Players shop and pay online, and gear is shipped directly to their door.

Uniforming your athletes has never been easier.

“Our gear arrived to players homes on time, looked great, and we earned nearly $7,500 to use for scholarships, field upkeep, and coaches' pay.”

Tyson Hanish | Athletic Director


1. Complete the Get Started form.

2. A SquadLocker Uniform Specialist will reach out to you to design the uniform you would like added to your free SquadLocker store.

3. Once added, we'll help you direct players and families to your store to order their required uniforms.

4. *SquadLocker handles the rest!* From sizing and payment, shipping directly to your players' homes, and free expert customer service, uniforming your players has never been easier!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs

Case Study: West Raleigh Baseball

West Raleigh Baseball had been buying uniforms the same way since 1958. It was time for a change.

In early spring, West Raleigh and SquadLocker embarked on a test to make direct-to-player custom uniforms available in 38 gear stores. Their goal was allow players to order their uniforms themselves.

The result not only exceeded their expectations, it left them with $7,600 in fundraising revenue - and counting - all while completely eliminating the uniform workload.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Direct-to-Player uniforms? How is that different from the way most teams buy?
Direct-to-Player uniforms refers to players and families being directed to the team’s custom store on the SquadLocker platform, where they would be required to purchase their league-approved uniform online, and have it shipped right to their home. This is a departure from the traditional bulk process where kids are sized up front, write a check, and wait several weeks for the complete team order to be produced, shipped, and then handed out by coaches. Sizing, payment, shipping, and all customer service is instead managed by SquadLocker on an on-demand, per-order basis, with gear shipped directly to each athlete’s home. This saves hours and hours of work for your staff, and your players and parents get their gear far faster, and with personalized customer service.

My program usually makes a nice profit by collecting money during registration and handing out the uniforms ourselves. How can I make up this lost revenue if the players and parents buy them directly and have them shipped to their home?
The SquadLocker platform allows you to apply up to 15% fundraising on all items sold in a store with a simple click of a button. We then send your organization a check each month for the fundraising revenue generated in the store from uniform sales and any additional spirit wear items that are placed in your team store.

What brands of uniforms do you offer?
We offer uniforms from several popular brands, such as UA, Adidas, and Augusta Sportswear Brands like Russell Athletic, to name just a few. We have dozens of solutions for each sport, and can work with you to find just the right look and delivery speed to meet your needs.

How do I get our uniform design done? What is the process for getting ours set up?
Simply give us an idea of what you want your uniform design to look like, and we’ll make it a reality – for free! If you have a picture that’s a great start. Our on-site design team will work with you to create your free logo, and also determine name placement, numbering, and even sponsorship presence. We’ll then help you launch your store and share it with everyone in your organization.

How long will it take for a uniform order to be delivered? We have a tight timeline between players registering and our first practice/game.
Once an order is placed we’ll have it shipped in as fast as 2 weeks, directly to your athlete’s home, faster than any uniform provider in the industry! Many items are also available in our Express Production program, which means custom uniforms can be shipped in as few as 5-7 business days.

I am worried you guys will run out of certain sizes or colors, should I be?
Our inventory management technology provides real-time access to our vendor stock, ensuring that we’ll have the product to fulfill your team’s order. We also stock many styles and colors so that we have a continuous flow of important products, allowing us to deliver with great accuracy and speed. Lastly, if we know you have added a mandatory uniform to your store, we will stock the blank items in advance of your members’ ordering.

We usually have a sizing day from our local team dealer. Since you guys are 1,000 miles away, how will you help us manage sizing?
All of our vendors provide sizing charts on our website, so athletes can easily refer to those when ordering from the comforts of their own home.

Tell me how you recommend handling names and numbers?
When athletes are ordering their uniforms online, they simply enter their name, and the number assigned to them.

We want to offer custom player gear and spirit wear too, what is the best way to do that?
In addition to the required uniform, which will be marked as “Essential” in your team store, you can also choose from over 60,000 optional brand name items such as hats, hoodies, tees, shorts, and much more, for players and fans alike, all customized with the logos of your choice.

How much is shipping and handling?
We have several options for shipping. Our Standard shipping rate is $7.95. There is free shipping on orders placed that exceed $149. Ground Shipping is available for $12.95, and we also offer Express Shipping for $15.95.

Can I get a discount for my players and parents? The local guy usually gives us 20% off for our big bulk order.
SquadLocker offers many promotions throughout the buying process. From scheduling your store’s grand opening, to seasonal and weekend coupon codes, there is always a way to experience additional savings when shopping at SquadLocker.