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Sublimation: What You Need to Know

(& How We Deliver Differently)

Whether you’ve never heard the term “sublimation” or you’re an old pro, there’s little doubt you’ve seen sublimated gear in action. From pee wees to the pros, many teams turn to sublimation to create highly custom, intricate uniform designs that are built to stand strong in a range of sports.

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How does sublimation work?


Sublimation works by quite literally taking your design beyond the surface; fusing ink directly into the fibers of the fabric (typically polyester). The result is a crisp, detailed design that is made for high performance. After the item is custom dyed, it’s cut and sewn by hand to complete your truly unique piece.

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Why should I opt for sublimated uniforms?


A popular decoration choice for uniforms and high-performance athletic wear, sublimation offers incredible flexibility and durability with your design. The colors are rich and super saturated and won’t ever fade, flake, or crack over time – the design is part of the fabric.

What makes SquadLocker’s sublimation different?


SquadLocker sets you up with a free, always-open team store where you can offer players on-demand access to sublimated uniforms (team gear and spirit wear, too!) with fast, direct-to-player shipping and no item minimums. We’ll help you set up and fill out your team store, then simply share out the link.

That means ate registrants, new kids, and players that need a midseason replacement are all able to suit up with their own custom uniform just like everyone else. No barriers for them, no stress for you.

Does it take longer to receive sublimated uniforms?


The process may take a little longer than other decoration methods, however, don’t let that hold you back from considering sublimation. When it comes to the way we fulfill, adding a week to your timeline won’t actually hold you back.

When you work with SquadLocker, sublimated uniforms are shipped direct homes in as little as 2-3 weeks, though some instances can take a little longer. When everything is ordered by players and their families, made on-demand, and shipped direct to their homes, you don’t need to order everything in a tight window and receive a bulk order 6-8 weeks later. You can expect SquadLocker to fulfill far faster than anyone else in the game.


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