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Your SquadLocker Registration Game Plan
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Getting your team gear organized before the start of the season can be a hassle, regardless of your team’s sport or age group. Between practices, workouts, fundraisers and every other preseason obligation, you’re left with little to no time for anything else. With all of the moving parts associated with the start of the season, why not use a custom team gear supplier that’ll eliminate the hassle for you?

At SquadLocker, we pride ourselves on not only handling all of your custom team gear needs, but keeping you informed every step of the way to ensure your peace of mind. We’ll focus on your team’s gear, so that you can focus on the season ahead.


Getting Started

Simply go to the SquadLocker Homepage when you’re ready to get started. Here you can take a virtual tour of our offerings - if you’re still researching - or you can enter the Store Builder and start designing your gear. Bulk ordering should be done by contacting one of our specialists by following the prompt at the bottom of the homepage.


The Store Builder

Selecting the Build Your Store option from our homepage takes you to Selecting Your Gear, the first page for creating your team’s gear. Use the filters in the Start Here field to pinpoint the perfect color, fit, style and items for your team. Once you’ve gathered everything that you’ll need, continue to the second page: Logo Your Gear.


Add Your Logo

When you’ve collected all of the right gear, it’s time to put your logo on it. No matter your situation, we have the proper tools in place to make sure that your team’s gear is branded specifically for you.

If you already have a logo, then add it by following the Add Your Logo prompt. If your logo still needs some work - like cleaning it up or removing a background - our team will happily take care of that for you. We want to ensure that every aspect of your team’s gear is exactly how you imagined, so even if you don’t have a logo, tell us your thoughts and we’ll create a quality logo for FREE!


Up for Review

Once you’ve picked out the right gear and put your beautiful logo on it, it’s time to review everything. On this page, you can review your product details and make any last minute changes to your order. You can also add more gear and mark different items essential, so that everyone knows these are mandatory.

There are so many different pieces of team gear that these purchases get expensive, and fast. But don’t worry, we’re here to work with you. We know that fundraising is a pivotal part of your team gear purchase and we have included the ability to enable fundraising on your team store. Select the Enable Fundraising option and choose the appropriate fundraising percentage, then signup and save your store to continue with your checkout.


Signup and Save Your Store

When you’ve finally finished perfecting your gear, it’s time to signup and save your store. You can either continue the signup process by using your Facebook account or create a new account by using the form shown on the page. Once you have finalized the details of your team store, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter or email blast it by using the URL...just make sure that you’re getting the word out so that everyone can participate!

SquadLocker is your one-stop-shop for building custom team gear and apparel. We’re here to handle the headache for you, so that you can focus on a winning season.

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