Online vs Local: The Best Option for Ordering Team Uniforms?

February 4, 2016

Todd Grant

As a busy soccer coach taking care of team management, game planning, player counseling and daily life, it can be a challenge to size, order, and hand out those custom soccer uniforms. 


A good quality, functional uniform that combines comfort and style will not only increase your team’s performance, but also overall morale. So, what’s the best option for your soccer team uniform needs?

You have two choices: You can buy locally or you can utilize today’s online ordering options. Not sure which is right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


The Pros: Ordering custom uniforms locally


  • It may sound like a silly “pro”, but keeping tradition is important for many soccer teams and the local businesses they support. If you suddenly switch to online ordering, you may be bucking the tradition.


  • Another pro of ordering locally is seeing your soccer team uniforms and gear in-person, as well as getting face-to-face customer service.

The Pros: Ordering custom uniforms Online


  • There’s no question about it: ordering soccer team uniforms online is fast and convenient. For busy team members and busy parents, getting set-up for the soccer season with just a few clicks is a lifesaver. For you, the coach, it relieves the extra stress of managing the sizing and handing out of those team uniforms.

Lower Cost

  • When ordering online, items can usually be purchased at a lower cost than in-store. Soccer team uniforms may come at higher quality with a lower price point when buying online.

Easy to Sell Team Apparel

  • Not only is it easy for your team members and their parents to order uniforms and matching apparel, but it’s easy for your supporters to buy fan apparel as well. Your team can be fund raising for their boosters and creating super-fans at the same time with an online ordering system, without having to go door-to-door.

High Quality Logo Printing & Bright Colors

  • Ordering online can gain your team access to the highest technology of logo design and color printing for your uniforms. Freshen up your team’s look with a modern take on your logo, or brighten up those dull jackets with a new shade of your team color.

The Cons: Ordering Local

Less convenient

  • While ordering locally is great for small businesses, it is also less convenient for team members and their parents. The time it takes to drive to a local shop to order uniforms, then again to take delivery is nearly triple the time it takes to order online.

Higher Cost

  • Local shops need to pay shipping to order their items, and usually don’t order in enough bulk for deep discounts. This makes for higher-cost uniforms; so many teams choose a lower quality material to keep the cost down.

Less inventory

  • You may have a super-stocked local store nearby, but most shops can’t keep every size, color or type of material in stock. With fewer inventories, you’ll be waiting longer and paying more to get the soccer team uniforms you need.

Difficult to Reach Supporters

  • It’s important to get fan apparel to your supporters, and unless your boosters club is on top of their game and stocked up with items, you may have a hard time getting the right gear to the right people.

Inconsistent Colors & Logos

  • Local is great – but sometimes their technology and design capabilities are sub par. Buying local might mean a few uniform items come with inconsistent colors, faded designs or low-quality logos.


The Cons: Ordering Online

No in-person service

  • When ordering soccer team uniforms online, you cannot drive up and speak to someone face to face. However, customer service is just a "chat box" or phone call away.

Learning a new ordering system

  • One of the biggest issues with ordering online for coaches, teams and families is learning to use a new system. It may seem daunting at first, simply due to the implementation of technology, however, most find it simple to implement.



By comparing the pros and cons of ordering online vs. ordering local, you’ll be able to determine the best option for your soccer team uniform needs. If your local shop is stocked to the nines with soccer gear, high quality uniforms and has the best printing technology around – you may choose to stick with them. But, if you’re looking for more convenience, lower cost, higher quality and an easy way to sell to your supporters – online ordering may be right for you.

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