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5 face masks you'll have to see to believe (and a few standard ones)

September 25, 2020

Christine Snyder

1.  helmet head


1. The Space Mask

Early in the year, masks and face coverings were not even a thought. If you were seen wearing a space helmet on an airplane or subway, you would have been looked at as an alien. Today, they are all the rage in pandemic fashion.


2. Virus bling


2. The Gold Mask

In fact, all types of stylish and trendy face coverings are emerging worldwide in the midst of COVID-19. Indian businessman Shankar Kurhade wears a $4,000 facemask made of gold . While he’s not sure how effective it is in protecting him, he loves the attention it gets.


3. A man tries on a face mask with his portrait printed on it, amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a photo studio in Gandhinagar, India, May 27, 2020. REUTERS/Amit Dave 

picture: RUETERS

3. The Your-Own-Face Face Mask

A producer in Gandhinagar , India is printing the bottom half of your face onto a mask, so people can tell it’s you. It’s a little creepy, but at least you’d always be sure you’re wearing your own.


Food-inspired masks?


4. South Korean Solution To Drink While Wearing Masks.          &  5. 


4. The Straw-Sipper Mask and 5. The Taco Mask?

Sipping your iced coffee while keeping yourself protected is now a reality with masks that have a hole for your straw . Who knows what’s coming next? Perhaps food-based masks like this one for Mexican food lovers?


In all seriousness, non-surgical face masks are not 100% effective, but they can limit risk when it comes to being exposed to COVID-19 and other germs. What about a mask that just fits your lifestyle – whether you are playing sports, learning in a classroom or out and about running errands?



SquadLocker has your face covered!


SquadLocker allows schools, teams, and organizations of any size to have their own online store that features their own custom apparel. So many customers have added our high-quality, branded face masks to their store as an option for their communities to easily purchase and wear. They love our top three options :


  • Sports & Training Mask – Our UA SportsMask is perfect for playing sports, training, working out, and all-day wear with its breathable, high-performance features.


  • School-wear Mask – The Augusta 3-ply mask is great for all-day wear at school or work and is comfortable, breathable, and durable enough for repeat washing.


  • Every-day activities mask – Our Badger Performance Activity mask is affordable, can be flipped upside down for a more snug fit or worn around the neck when not in use.


Our masks are available in numerous colors and designs to allow you to create the perfect, customized masks that your community will love to wear. 


Looking for custom masks for your school, team or league? Learn More


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