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Hero Story: West Raleigh Baseball Had Been Buying Uniforms the Same Way Since 1958

It was time for a change

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West Raleigh Baseball

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“SquadLocker exceeded our expectation. I was able to set up 38 individual team stores, share them with players and parents, and they did the rest. Our gear arrived at players' homes on time, looked great, and we earned nearly $7,500 to use for Capital Improvements and other upgrades to keep our kids safe. We look forward to moving on to our already proven, great relationship.”

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Ronnie Morales

Executive Director


WRB is a Cal Ripken affiliated league serving nearly 500 players from 5-12 years old. WRB is committed to offering local players and families the best youth baseball experience and player development opportunities. SquadLocker is helping to make that happen.


WRB was frustrated with bulk managing their player and coach uniforms each year. Collecting sizes & payments, bulk ordering uniforms, distributing them individually, and dealing with complaints was taking a toll on the WRB staff. Also, due to minimum purchase requirements from bulk vendors, it wasn’t possible to supply late registrants or replacement requests without taking on excess inventory.

WRB decided to look for a solution that would allow players, parents, and coaches to directly purchase their uniforms and gear, and have it shipped to their homes, while still allowing the league to maintain total control. The new “outsourced” solution needed to be able to deliver quickly and accurately.

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The Solutions

Digital Couponing

WRB desired to transfer a modest portion of registration fees to players for uniform purchase costs. The club purchased 640 digital coupons from SquadLocker which were distributed to players to use in the online stores. 


West Raleigh Baseball arranged for SquadLocker to serve all of its players and their families with uniforms, spirit wear, and other essential gear. WRB has earned approximately $7,500 from these purchases to support scholarships and field upkeep.

Stores That Never Close

The 38 unique West Raleigh League team stores remain open to accommodate any player who joins WRB late or needs replacement items, or items for birthdays, championships, special events, and any other timely need. 

Direct-To-Player Uniforms

WRB chose SquadLocker to individually receive, decorate, and ship each order separately and quickly. SquadLocker's easy-to-use platform and 7 days a week customer service through real-time, live chat have made uniforming nearly 500 players and 150 coaches headache-free.

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