Hero Story: How Pinewood Prep. Mastered Brand Control + Increased Collaboration with SquadLocker

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“Great communication with the Account Executives from SquadLocker, it’s a true partnership. They want our gear to look good and be successful as much as we do. SquadLocker has done everything they said they would for us – no false promises. An absolute breath of fresh air."

Andy Morgan

Andy Morgan

Athletic Director


Located in South Carolina, Pinewood Preparatory is a private institution that provides education to 700 students from preschool all the way to grade 12. Aside from their wide range of classes, Pinewood also offers 35 varsity and junior varsity athletic teams, and 30 academic and special interest teams.


Too many 3rd party vendors and lack of internal collaboration were just a few issues Pinewood Preparatory was facing at their school. Having multiple vendors for different items was leading to stressful, unorganized, and late ordering between the teams at Pinewood Prep. On top of that issue was a lack of internal collaboration and consistency between Athletic Director, Andy Morgan, and his coaches.



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The Solutions

Brand Control
Brand Control

With a vast array of sports and clubs, consistency and control over their brand is essential to reflect Pinewood Prep's high-performance school. SquadLocker’s design team helped create all of Pinewood’s logos and visual assets, 194 in total to be exact.


Each coach and club manager was able to work with SquadLocker to create their own custom logo for each individual team, all while staying in lines of their brand. This has not only kept their brand sharp but has built a sense of collaboration within the coaches and club managers. Coaches are able to work amongst their members to uniquely express each team.

Real-Time Dashboard

Pinewood had no visibility over what was happening with their customer's apparel sales. Who was buying? What did they like to buy? These were questions that needed to be answered to better serve their community. SquadLocker solved that issue with a built-in online dashboard where they can now see all their sales numbers, fundraising dollars, and more!

More Time

Serving over 700 students, questions about ordering custom apparel are bound to arise. SquadLocker’s platform is able to support all questions through live chat, phone, and email customer service 7 days a week. This lets Pinewood get back to doing what they do best – cultivating the highest quality educational and athletics program to their students.

Unified Landing Page

Pinewood needed a central location, with permanency, on their website so each team and club could find their apparel. SquadLocker created Pinewood one webpage that each team can access to quickly find their gear. In short, any Pinewood student or supporter can visit their school’s apparel site, find their team logo, and buy gear – any day or time.

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