Hero Story: How Broad Run Said Goodbye to the Workload and Worry of Brand Management, Custom Gear Demands, and Fundraising

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“I wanted control for team colors and logos, but I really wanted to let the coaches and teams go from there and get involved in designing their own gear to create enthusiasm and buy-in from them.”

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Ryan Young

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How it Works

SquadLocker’s Live Art Department helped AD Ryan Young update, create and store consistent school brand logos in his Logo Library for his many teams. Starter stores with the logos were then created for all Broad Run teams. AD Young then used the Store Manager Invite Tool to assign store management rights to team coaches and captains. The coaches and captains are able to customize their store logos and merchandise and designate certain pieces as Essential Items - items that are required by every player. They can use SquadLocker’s Live Art Department to create garments with team mottos, vintage items, and celebratory gear. AD Young monitors all store activity through his Dashboard.

Lastly, the Broad Run community was provided an all-school Landing Page to conveniently display the always open, no minimum order stores. Every player and parent at Broad Run knows exactly where to go to get their spirit and team gear.

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Brand Control
Brand Control

Broad Run’s visual assets lacked cohesion and consistency. After SquadLocker’s responsive Art Department helped create professional base logos, coaches and teams were able to customize garments and express their group’s individual spirit. This has allowed Broad Run to rebuild a positive brand reputation. Now when the community wears the Broad Run brand, it looks professional, cohesive and timeless.


Broad Run High School arranged for SquadLocker to serve all of its players and their families with spirit wear and other essential gear in stores that are open 24/7, all year long. Broad Run has earned thousands of dollars from these purchases. SquadLocker’s ease of ordering and diversity of products has helped boost revenue and dramatically increase fundraising.

Stores That Never Close

Broad Run High School chose SquadLocker to individually receive, decorate, and ship each order separately and quickly. SquadLocker's easy-to-use platform and 7 days a week customer service through real-time, live chat has made outfitting an entire High School and their fans and family headache-free. That means a student or fan can place an order on their own time, with no minimum item requirements, and from the comfort of their own home.

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