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I Set up my store to receive a fundraising rebate. how does this work?

If you opted to receive fundraising in the format of a rebate check, good for you! Woohoo! Easy money for your program! Our store builder automatically adjusts the price of each item according to the percentage of fundraising you would like to receive.

When does My program receive the fundraising rebate?

The rebate check is processed and mailed out at the end of the following month from when the orders have shipped. For example, if the store's ship date is April 5th, the check will be cut on May 31st.

is there any tax liability involved with fundraising through my store?

This information varies based on location. Please check with your tax adviser for specific tax information.

Where can i go to adjust the prices for fundraising?

This can be done from your Dashboard. Locate the store you wish to add fundraising to and select "Edit." Fundraising will be one of the options that you will be able to update. Select the percentage from the drop-down box. Don't forget to click "Save" when you're done!


can i see how many people placed orders?

Yes! When on the dashboard, orders will appear in order from most recent to oldest at the bottom of the page. They are separated by price, product and email address.

is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount required to create a store. Regardless of how many orders are placed they will be processed, decorated and shipped to the parents and players that purchase the awesome, decorated team gear!

i see i can make items "essential." What does that mean?

The tag "Essential" is used to identify a piece that is a strongly recommended purchase by all players on the team as set by the admin or coach.

can we personalize gear at the time of the order?

Certainly! Consumers will be able to personalize items with name and/or number before adding it to the shopping cart. There is an additional cost for personalization. Name or number = $7.95 each. Name and number = $11.95 for both.


how do i sign back into the store i just created?

If you go to www.squadlocker.com you can LOG IN in the top right corner of the page. It will bring you directly to your Dashboard to review, edit and share the store. Easy-peasy.

can i choose multiple colors?

Yes! You have the ability to choose a color from the drop-down box and select the items that interest you. You can then change the color and add additional items, too.

how do i add another store under my user name?

Log into www.squadlocker.com to access your Dashboard in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. Once in the Dashboard, select "New Store" from the top right hand of the screen and off you go!

how many items could we sell though our store?

We limit the amount of items you can sell in your store to 50. However, our best selling stores offer between 8-12 items.

If I decided to set up a store today, how long before the store is ready to take orders?

Launching a store is instantaneous. A store becomes active as soon as you click "Save Store." Creating a live store that players and parents can purchase from only requires uploading a logo and selecting product. Simple!

Where do i find the link to my store so i can share it with my team?

You can log into your Dashboard to locate the link to your store. It will appear in your Store Dashboard card. Just copy and paste the link to share with your team. It is also emailed to you when your store goes live.

Am i able to remove my older stores from my dashboard?

You can do so to any closed store by clicking the REMOVE button and confirming your selection. Wait for the page to refresh and the store will be gone from the dashboard!


Why do i have an ordering window?

Your store has an ordering window so we can process each individuals order at the close of that window (this allows each team member to receive thier items at the same time). Next, we bulk order, produce, and then ship all of your team's awesome apparel to each individual within 7-10 business days after the close of the ordering window.

can i Open and close Ordering windows as often as i'd like?

Of course! As the store administrator, you have the ability to do so from your Dashboard. To reopen an ordering window, select the "Relaunch Store" feature and then edit the dates of the ordering window. Edits can be made to the ordering window up until the first order has been placed. To edit the ordering window dates, log into your Dashboard and find the store you are looking to edit. Hit the "Edit" button and locate the "Close Date" field. Enter a new date or use the drop down calendar then hit the "Save" button.

Why can't i keep my store open indefinitely without opening a new ordering window?

Closing an ordering window allows the production process to begin. Instead of producing each order individually as it is placed, we create the entire team's products in bulk to save time on the production floor. You can reopen your store's ordering window at any time!


how quickly are the products decorated and shipped out?

All orders are processed and shipped out 12-15 business days after the ordering window has closed.

When does my order get processed?

When your stores ordering window has closed, your items will begin the decorating process along with your teammates gear. All of the orders are processed at once and shipped directly to each player.

when my team orders, do the products ship directly to each individual?

They sure do! Each customer provides their shipping information at checkout.

How does my order get shipped to me?

Our shipping combines the efficiency of FedEx with the convenience of USPS. FedEx picks up your package from us and delivers it to your local post office for final delivery to your mailbox or door by USPS within 5-7 business days.


Where does personalization appear on a shirt or hoody?

Personalization is applied on the left sleeve, name over number. The font used is Athletic Block and the thread color is white (unless the apparel is a light shade; then the thread is black).

How Do I get a copy of my logo that squadlocker created?

Once a custom logo is created, you will be sent a mock-up to show you in detail the exact specification of the artwork. SquadLocker is in the middle of building a logo repository as part of the store Dashboard. Keep a look out for this in furture releases!

i uploaded my team's logo but it's not showing on the gear.

Our system accepts the following file types: JPEG, .PNG and .EPS. EPS files that are uploaded will not show up immediately, as it requires manual intervention. Our graphics team will inform you once the file is uploaded to your store.

can i upload more than one logo?

You sure can! With the store builder, you have the ability to upload multiple logos while customizing your apprel. Simply select the items you would like available in your store and click "Customize Gear." Now you will see each of the items you've selected. Clicking on the "Customize" link below each piece will allow you to not only upload a new logo to the piece but also change the color and mark it essential.

How do i upload my logo?

You have the ability to upload your artwork yourself through the Dashboard. Login to the Dashboard and locate the store you are looking to update and select "Edit." There will be a blue upload button available that will allow you to browse your files to select your logo. Once you've found the logo you'd like to use, click "Upload."

can you design a logo for me?

Well of course! Our great graphic design team can create a custom logo for you for FREE. Let us know what you'd like to see and we can have that created in a jiffy! Don't forget, there's no charge for creating or editing logos.

help! i have this awful box around my logo. what can i do?

You don't have to do anything at all. Our team of talented graphic designers will take that off of your logo shortly. No need to reach out - we'll let you know when it's done! As always, our design services are free of charge.

i want to change the logo i have uploaded to my store. how can i do this?

Easy! Just log into your Dashboard. You can access this by going to squadlocker.com and logging in with your credentials at the top right of the page. Once you're in, just find the store you'd like to make the logo change to and click "Edit." At the bottom of the card, click "Add/Remove" products. You'll be brought to the edit page of your store. Here you can select which products you'd like to change the logo on. Click "Customize" and select that new logo. Don't forget to hit "Save" at the top right corner!