Should the Washington Redskins Change their Name, Mascot and Uniforms?

Posted by Gary Goldberg on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 @ 10:12 AM

The controversy isn't new.  Simply stated, Native  Americans are urging the owner of the Washington Redskins NFL team to change their name as the word Redskin is an offensive and derogarory word to most Native Americans.  Daniel Snyder, the current owner of the Washington Redskins penned what some would describe as a heartfelt letter to his fans, explaining that the name Redskin was meant with pride and history, a badge of honor if you will, and the valuable tradition of the team would be in peril if the name Redskin was stripped from their uniforms.  So here is my perspective on the situation from a purely editorial view point: Daniel is wrong, he needs to let go and show the power of a gracious and good deed to the whole world.

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