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Free Shipping on all online orders until August 31st



Early bird gets the worm! We suggest opening your store’s ordering window in time for player registration. This allows you to make players and parents aware of the store and all it has to offer, and will also ensure they have their gear in time for opening day. Shoppers will receive their decorated gear within two weeks of the store window closing.

We also suggest re-opening your store’s ordering window for shoppers who may have missed out on ordering preseason gear! You can do this from your dashboard by clicking the relaunch button.


You have the option of launching 4 types of stores:

Team Gear Store: This is the most versatile type of store. Open at any time for any reason. This type of store is created through our Store Builder. Team Gear stores carry sport-specific merchandise for players to wear on and off the field, and ordering windows are usually open for short periods of time, such as two week intervals.

Fan Shop: This type of store is great for moms, dads, grandparents and fans of all ages who are looking to support their team. These stores include t-shirts, hats,hoodies and more.

Fundraising store: Say goodbye to candy and bake sales! A fundraising store is great for teams that are in need of extra money for equipment, travel, and other expenses. Once you’ve created your store, you can adjust apparel pricing by 5%-20%, all of which goes back to your team or league. Checks are mailed directly to you at the end of the following month from the close of your store’s ordering window. This is a great way to outfit your team while at the same time raising much-needed funds.

Flash Sale: A flash sale is great for leagues and teams that are looking to make extra money in a short period of time. Feature one item marked up 20% and send the link out to your community. Keep this type of store open for a short period of time and watch the fundraising dollars come your way!


We offer free logo editing and creation from our talented graphic design team.

If you don’t have a logo, that’s no problem! Our talented team of graphic designers will be happy to create a logo that fits your needs. All they need is some inspiration. Provide us with your team colors and mascot so we can create a logo your team will be proud of.

Already have a logo? That's great too! We can add text, highlight the year or spruce it up however you'd like.

Special event? We can create a logo to highlight the up-coming championship game or charity event. Let us know and we'll come up with a logo that'll blow you away.


Your store has an ordering window so your team can get their gear on time, at the same time. When your ordering window closes, that’s when we begin to decorate your team’s gear and ship it out to each player. You can reopen your ordering window whenever you’d like.

Players and parents who miss ordering gear have nothing to worry about. You may re-open a store ordering window as often as you’d like so everyone gets the gear they need!


Say goodbye to candy and bake sales! A fundraising option is available in every store that is created. There are several ways to get the most out of this function. Simply adjust the price of your items from 5%-20%, and we will cut you a check after your store ordering window closes. Checks are mailed directly to you at the end of the following month from the close of your store’s ordering window.

We suggest a flash sale for best results — these stores are great for fast fundraising.


There are 3 times to be reaching out to your potential shoppers.

• Immediately after your store launches

• Half way through the ordering window timeframe, to let your parents and players know time is running out

• A reminder email just prior to the close of the store’s ordering window, to let your team know this is their last chance to get geared up during this particular order

We offer social media sharing buttons to reach out to your team. Just visit your dashboard and select the social media platform of your choice.

We also make it easy to copy your link and share it with players and parents via email!

Our talented graphic design team can also create a flyer to print and hand out to your team.


Our dedicated customer experience team is available from 9am-5:30pm EST.

You can also send us a message through the green chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.