Company Overivew

Our humble beginnings:

In the early days of our company when we were focused on delivering a superior weather proof garment as Turfer Athletic, we came to realize that there was an opportunity to broaden our offering of products and services to our existing client base.  It was clear that teams wanted to purchase all of their athletic apparel and team gear from one resource and that they needed guidance from an expert resource on available options and the best value products.

Our vision – Being able to offer Teams Gear and Apparel for Every Sport in Every Season.

In order to achieve this world class customer experience and endeavor to have a product and service platform that extends beyond just selling outerwear we re-entered our Idea Lab and formulated the identity of a NEW–AGE Team Dealer experience which we named SquadLocker™.  Turfer will continue as a product brand, but will not be sold direct to teams except through SquadLocker.

The Market Opportunity:

In examining the market and reflecting on our own personal experiences related to purchasing things for our daily lives, we all concluded that buying decorated, brand name team apparel was an antiquated process, and there was a clear opportunity to elevate the buying experience from the analog, mom and pop feeling experience of the early 80’s to the modern, customer focused, consumer experiences of right now. 

And while there are plenty of big box stores that offer great products and low prices, they can’t help the coach or team parent work through the myriad uniforms and gear available as well as understanding the difference between heat applied graphics or embroidery.  This valley between the modern approach of the big box stores and the touch and feel of a local provider illustrated an opportunity to combine the best of both.  So, that is what we have set out to do…..To create a Superior Customer Experience for Buying Team Gear and Apparel.

We envision this as a high touch, world class experience focused on product quality and decoration quality as well as information and customer care excellence.  Together as a company we understand that making good on a promise may cost a bit more in the short run, but the lifetime value of a customer relationship will be far richer. 

Ultimately what was born from these early years and efforts evolved into the company we are today embodied in our mission statement  [link to Mission Statement] and our Customer Bill of Rights [link to Customer Bill of Rights].


At SquadLocker, our tag lines says it all, “We Love Teams”, because at some point we are all members of a team.  We are first introduced to the concept of a team during our younger years, where we learn the concept of fair play, integrity and mutual respect, later on many of us join different kinds of teams, like a group of people you work with every day.  Whatever team you find yourself on, the same rules apply, respect your competition, play fair and most importantly enjoy your experience.  Our company looks to take that same spirit of competition and respect off the field and into our business, expect winning for us means making sure we are pleasing you, our customer.  We score points by delivering on time, a field goal is a well decorated garment, and touchdowns come when you recommend us to a friend or colleague.  We want to elevate the experience of purchasing team apparel, uniforms, equipment and fan gear to a new level, because excellent shopping experiences shouldn’t be limited to things like electronics, music and dress shoes.  Your budgets and hard earned dollars deserve the same delivery of excellence that you bring to your team on and off the field every day.  Even in our humble beginning, when we were manufacturing just a few different styles of jackets and using the local screen printer down the street, we recognized the need to share our love of the customer with everyone we meet.  So feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we are doing, and always let us know if we have fallen down on the job, we want to earn your business and your trust and check back often as we continue to roll out new services and products that will reward and delight you.


Gary Goldberg

Founder and Chief Visionary